Learn about moving & relocation to another country and how we can help you have a worry free move.

Moving Abroad

Differences in local move and moving overseas

Question: Moving to Asia - How easy is it?

Moving to Asia is no different than moving to most other countries in the world, yes there are some small differences to get things cleared at customs compared to moving from an EU country to another EU country.

Some Asian countries have stricter import rules than others but these can be overcome when you have submitted the right paperwork the correct authorities. Detailed paperwork is often required when bringing your car, motorcycle, art, statues, and other highly valuable goods.

When you have decided that it is time to move, there are a lot of things to consider, especially when moving from a new country to another as an expatriate. We give you the peace of mind, enabling you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the move while we take care of a lot of necessary paperwork involved. Moving abroad does not need to be complicated and you trust us to possess the necessary expertise when moving, in the same way you trust your dentist or doctor to be a specialist in their own fields of work."

BluFox Relocation is an international player that offers relocation services, storage and international moves all over the globe with selected partners..

Our main offices are located in Bangkok & Singapore with staff from Scandinavia, Australia together with skilled specialists with many years of experience within the moving profession, we are also part of IMA - International Moving Association with good standing.

Yes we are a new moving company but our staff have previously been working with well established companies such as Santa Fe, Asian Tigers Mobility and others where they have gained years of experience.

Even though we are based in Asia, we have partnered with a many of the trusted global moving companies with a wealth of experience in the moving industry, who will take care of the final steps in the door to door moving service we offer.

Pet Relocation

What to think when moving your pet

Question: How can I bring my dog or cat when moving overseas?

With the right vaccinations, proper paperwork indicating ownership and that the pet is disease free you can bring your beloved pet. Most times your pet need to stay in the quarantine for up to 2 weeks for monitoring that it is not getting sick or showing symptoms that can be bad for the local animals.

We can help you to acquire the right paperwork needed and suggest veterinary services where you can get the proper paperwork stamped, a sort of passport with bill of health for your pet.


Boxes and Packaging

Boxes & Packaging – What materials to use and not

Question: What moving boxes and packaging materials should I use?

  • We or our partners in departing country can provide you normal sized moving boxes, we can also provide with